Spwing Time

It’s April. Finally. The seasons are powerful forces in our lives. They affect the activities we do, the foods we crave, the clothes we wear – and quite often, the moods we are in. A long and brutal western New York Winter makes way for the vernal equinox and we long for the change in the Earth’s tilt that feeds our desire for the next solstice. We’ll still get some cold temperatures and probably a snow flurry or two, but it won’t stick for long. We’ve had one hundred and thirty inches of snow this year – thirty more inches than normal and forty more than last year.

But now the days get longer and warmer. We are anxious to put the furnace, snow shovels, extra blankets, and winter clothes and boots down for a seasonal nap. People are outside again without the shelter of their cars. The lawn is its usual end-of-Winter brown color, ready for its Springtime combing with a good rake and the green of new life to take over. The garage waits to swept of the road salt dust and pine needles. Windows will soon be open and cleaned. A new window will open next month – it’s almost time for the very special wedding of my oldest daughter. It feels like I’ve stepped off a time machine and instantly went from playing and reading with my first-born, to watching her become a bride. I’m her father and friend now, and there is nothing in this world I am more proud of as I gaze at the beautiful, kind, ambitious woman she has become.

Let the rite of Spring passage begin. And that starts with a good, long ride on the Goldwing! Fifty degrees tomorrow! The lawn and garage will have to wait!


About Ken

Father, husband, brother, son, friend, soon-to-be father-in-law, Goldwing rider, water lover, thinker, reader, project manager, motorcycle lover, electronics nerd, small business wannabe owner.
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